Ethicon 2994 - SURGIFLO® 8ml Hemostatic Matrix Kit with Thrombin, Fully Sterile - Each

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-Size: 8mL
-Bleeding Situation: Difficult to Access
-Hemostatic Agent & Accessory: Hemostatic Agent
-Absorption Time: 4-6 weeks
-Storage Requirements: Stored dry at controlled room temperature 36º-77ºF (2º-25ºC).
-Preparation Time: Ready to use in 30 seconds or less once liquid thrombin is delivered to sterile field
-Shelf Life: 2 Years
-Material/Composition: Porcine Gelatin and Human Thrombin
Indication: SURGIFLO® Hemostatic Matrix, mixed with thrombin solution, is indicated in surgical procedures (other than ophthalmic) as an adjunct to hemostasis when control of bleeding by ligature or other conventional methods is ineffective or impractical.
MOA: SURGIFLO® Hemostatic Matrix with thrombin provides a matrix for platelet adherence, accelerating the formation of the platelet plug and aids in fibrin clot formation